I want to wish you a warm and sincere welcome to my website. 


I'm happy to share with you the songs and poetry I have written and recorded.


I'm also happy to share with you a set of mental/emotional skills that have had a profound effect on my health and wellbeing.  Along my journey of healing and recovery I have discovered many helpful practices and therapies.  The most helpful of those I've brought to you on the POSITIVIT


The skills that are suggested in POSITIVIT are found in the Positive Psychology research...practices and principles that lead a person to experience a more positive mindset, expanded experiences of positive emotion, additional growth in healthy relationships, life meaning and accomplishments.  I have experienced all of these realities in some way as a result of practicing most of the daily practices.


I want to encourage you to begin practicing the POSITIVIT SKILLS.  You will notice almost immediately a positive change in your attitude and mood.


I also want to remind you of an important point: this website and the activities suggested here are not offered as a guarantee to heal any emotional, mental or physical disorders.  They are suggested merely as positive practices for your life.  


So...go for it!  Thanks for connecting.    Peace Always!   

Rev. Jack McGinnis




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